Bitch Owner Requirements

The owner of the bitch is responsible for all costs including service fees, shipping, and packaging as well as costs associated with maintaining a healthy pregnancy and through and post whelping. This would include all veterinary costs incurred including progesterone testing.

The bitch owner must agree to provide a healthy balanced diet and provide the best possible care to the bitch throughout her pregnancy, through and post whelping as well as providing the same care to the puppies delivered. The brood bitch MUST be deemed in good health and capable of safely carrying and delivering her litter. Puppies may NOT be sold or otherwise transferred to any facility or individual participating in any form of medical or cosmetic testing, facilities/individuals participating in commercial breeding or sales to brokers or retail outlets where puppies are purchased or transferred via third party or direct to the consumer. Puppies must not be offered or sold to any kennel offering dilute colors including but not limited to "charcoal" or "silver". The bitch owner must agree that puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration unless the puppy is being sold/transferred to a show/breeding home approved by both stud and bitch owner. 

Stud Service Policies

CH Peavines Fire on the Mountain "Zeus"

Thank you for choosing Peavine Labradors. Here our dogs are our family and as such we believe that they should be cared for and loved the same as any other family member. Please review the following information in regards to using our stud services

Required documents:

‚ÄčPeavine Labradors stud services are available via frozen/chilled semen or live cover. The service fee is due upon booking/shipping and all other fees are due within 10 days of whelping and before any AKC or foreign litter registration approval. We do guarantee a live litter, a live litter consists of a minimum of 2 live puppies 5 days post whelping. Should the bitch fail to conceive the stud contract is considered fulfilled and no further action or obligation from either party shall be expected or enforced. Should the bitch not deliver at least 2 puppies that survive past 5 days through no fault (sometimes nature is cruel) of the bitch owner a second shipment will be provided for the cost of shipping.  

AKC Pedigree including 4 generations

OFA Hip clearance and elbow clearance, CERF clearance annually,

D Locus DNA Analysis and long coat gene

EIC clearance

Cardiac clearance

Current health certificate from a reputable veterinarian.