Beauregard James
Resting at "Rainbow Bridge"
October 1, 1995 - September 17, 2008
Resting at "Rainbow Bridge"
January 30, 2008 - May 29, 2010

Our History

Beauregard James of Mogul, DOB 10/01/1995 was my first male labrador that Tim purchased for me to begin with breeding.

Our 2nd purchase was Sandy Star of Mogul, DOB 12/16/1996. Once she was 2 years old and her health clearances were completed she was bred to "Jack's Over Aces", Master Hunter, Field Trial Champion. She had her litter on 12/02/2000.

We kept one of the girls out of her litter. We named her JustLabs J.O. Star.

When she became 2 years old she didn't pass all of her health clearances so we chose to have her spayed. She achieved many Obedience Certificates and received her Canine Good Citizen from the AKC.

My first potential show dog JustLabs Princess Bellastar was purchased in June of 2004. As soon as she was 6 months old I began showing her. She received her International Champion Title just before her 2nd birthday. During 12 - 18 months old she took 1st place in her class at the Del Monte K.C. show in July of 2005. As I continued to show her I learned she didn't have enough of the Conformation qualities the judges were looking for so she was spayed.

Shadowhawks JustLabs BrunoBello was purchased with Show Potential and just shortly after his 6th month birthday he won 1st, Winners Dog & Best of Opposite Sex in Carson City 2006. Brunos DOB is 12/01/2005. I continued to do well in the Conformation ring with Bruno but he has become a family pet.

Our most current girl is Justlabs Amazingspirit Daisy, DOB is 06/06/2006. She is going to be bred soon to Mulburys' Labradors Logan. We are looking forward to seeing what her 2nd litter will look like.

She does very well in the AKC Conformation ring and I hope to get her AKC Champion title this year after she has had her puppies. She will be back out showing Mid October.


Tim and I purchased Axel at around 9 - 10 weeks old for "show potential". He was born on Jan 30, 2008. He didn't enjoy the show ring as much as swimming, fetching the ball or bumper, he was on his way to being a wonderful dog. He was placed with a family in San Francisco with 2 children and he was the only dog. May 29th, 2010 he was put to rest due to an accident. He is resting in a place known as "Rainbow Bridge". Tim & I had him with a wonderful family and they loved him so very much, this lose will be difficult for the family.

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Our Family