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We are proud to announce that our beautiful boy, Peavine's Fire on the Mountain, Zeus; has achieved the Rank of Champion!!!

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Welcome to Peavine Labradors, formerly known as Labradors of Mogul. We are located just west of Reno near Verdi, Nevada at the base of Peavine Mountain. We have lived in the area for almost 20 years. We are a small kennel only having a litter occasionally when I can work it into my work schedule. I have had the pleasure over a short time getting to know some outstanding breeders.

I have been showing Labrador Retrievers for approximately sixteen years in the AKC. I love to hunt in the fall when duck season comes upon us. We have some wonderful areas in the Northern part of Reno to hunt.

Labradors are fairly easy to train most common commands, such as; sit, down, stay, off, shake, etc. Labradors are instinctively retrievers and will retrieve balls, frisbies and even ducks. Labradors are also awesome swimmers, they have lots of coat to with stand cold waters.

My husband and I agree they are very versatile.